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We’re all about driving exponential success. We bring together the best practices for creating exceptional startups and pair them with software MVPs that deliver an impact.

Listen to signals and validate key assumptions with customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Rapidly build new digital product, to test and validate that the proposition addresses the opportunities uncovered.

You will learn to bring together a proven mindset, framework, and methodology, that will empower you to create an organization that leaves a lasting impression, on your employees, investors and customers.

Launch your MVP startup in 4 months. Build your high quality teams that can accelerate growth.

What is the Launchpad Experience?

Tech founders looking to launch fast on a strong foundation need Startup Launchpad

icon - discovery assessment

Discovery Assessment

Determine the perfect market fit and technology solution approach, review challenges and opportunities, and tailor the program approach for your needs.

icon - validate key assumptions

Validate Key Assumptions

Validate your ideas, understand your customers, and develop your business with the right people before you build your digital product.

icon - launch mvp product

Launch your MVP Product

Rapidly build and launch a new web product in 4 months (6 months for mobile), to test and validate that the proposition meets the market need.

icon - make new connections

Make New Connections

Cultivate new relationships and network with like-minded mentors and coaches that align with your values.

icon - learn a new mindset

Learn a New Mindset

The Launchpad program will teach you to evaluate and assess technology opportunities, and clarify your customer story when raising funds.

icon - perks up to 250k

Perks up to $250k

Access exclusive perks and save thousands on tools for cloud, business and collaboration.

If you are a founder


If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me a faster horse.

Henry Ford

Innovation is about understanding your customers rather than just asking them what they want.

Perks & Startup Benefits

Up to $250k in perks for your startup business

We have partnered with the most sought-after startup services to offer you massive savings. Instead of paying full price, use that money you save to grow your business!

AWS Activate logo white bg

AWS Activate

$1,000 credits

Microsoft Azure logo white bg

Microsoft for Startups

$25,000 credits

Twilio Segment logo white bg


$50,000 credits

Miro logo white bg


Up to $1,000 credits

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Google Cloud

$2,000 credits

Hubspot for Startups logo white bg

Hubspot for Startups

Up to $7,000 credits

Plus other savings and credits with many other services:














We help you to build your startup faster.

What is the Startup Launchpad program?

The Launchpad program is a set process with a clearly defined set of outputs, specifically designed to help a startup company validate a product idea and reach an end-goal of a) having a deployed, user-facing MVP product, and b) having the product and documentation necessary to secure funding from investors.

Due to the lofty goals of this program, it has been specifically designed with cost and time in mind, using a fixed tech-stack.

Think of it like a set menu for a discounted price at a really fancy restaurant; you get a specialty appetizer, salad, main course and dessert hand-crafted for you by your executive chefs at BeyondGravity.

If you’re beyond the startup phase, please have a look at our Software & Talent offerings.

How much does the Startup Launchpad program cost?

At $50k USD, the Launchpad program costs less than half as much as a single on-shore developer’s salary for 1 year. For that price, you get a much quicker time to market, more services than a single developer can provide, and the expertise of multiple professionals.

If you specifically require a native-mobile app (as opposed to a responsive-web app), the price would be negotiated from the standard rates.

How does a founder like me benefit from this program?

As a business leader, you get to leapfrog your idea into a working product in 4-6 months time.

More than that, you get their ideas validated and refined through a rigorous process. This step should not be taken lightly, as any agency can produce some software output, but at BeyondGravity we make sure you are aiming squarely at the right target.

Furthermore, you get set up for future success by starting off on the right foot. Many startups fail or bog down over time, we know how to avoid those pitfalls (having done it before). We also provide you with the documentation necessary to present your business case to VC investors in order to raise capital.

Can't I just get my own agency to do this work?

You could engage with your own agency to build a product for you; however, consider what a company like BeyondGravity can offer you to ensure a successful outcome.

We help you be prescriptive. Contractual developers are eager to avoid mistakes and loathe ambiguity. They make no guesses about the behavior of functionality. You will need to tell them exactly how you want everything to work and provide all assets. This is exactly what we have done over the past 25 years.

We help you be prepared. We will work with you to plan everything in advance such as designs, requirement documents, tasks, and a clickable prototype. This sets expectations upfront and clears the way for next steps.

We reduce your risk. BG will help you build a team, so you’re not dependent on just one person, and will provide leadership and project management you will be comfortable talking to who understand your needs. We’ve worked with project managers around the world and countless agencies, so we know how to bring the right people together to collaborate.

We set expectations. We triple check that developers know what the final deliverable should be, when milestone check-ins take place and what your expectations are for quality output.

We enable success through remote and nearshore development. Consider the time difference. We ensure their working hours line up with yours, otherwise you might find yourself on a Zoom call in the middle of the night. If you’re working a day job, look for overlap in the morning or evening. We also vet and interview the team to ensure they will deliver the product outcome you expect.

How much time do I need to commit to this process?

Depending on your work style, you may need to adjust your routine when joining a more structured program to achieve high growth and speed.

Working with the Launchpad program also requires a big time commitment. You will spend much of your week in meetings, while simultaneously completing milestones related to Launchpad and actively developing your business.

Once you make a commitment, you will need to see it all the way through. To clarify, this means if a more enticing opportunity comes up halfway through your program, you will be unable to act on it until you complete what you have already agreed to achieve with launching your startup.

A structured and tailored plan coupled with resources and direction along with your time commitment to take your startup to the next level and make it ready for investment by the time you complete the program.

Who would my team be for this program?

You might be surprised to hear this, but BeyondGravity is actually an agency of two. This means you’ll work directly with both Kris and Daryl the co-founders. However, other requests and project requirements such as development, product and project management are provided by trusted partners.

Why wouldn't I just hire my own full-time software developers?

Good question! For starters, the annual cost of a full-time senior-level developer now exceeds $100 per hour, plus benefits. In addition, you will need other technical skill sets to build your MVP related to product, design, devops, and quality assurance. Finding those on a fractional basis that work together remotely is not easy.

Launchpad is more than just building you a MVP based on technical specifications. It involves support and process from very beginning of your startup journey until after your product launch.

How much contact will we have with your executive leadership team?

As much as you need to help your team find success!

You can expect proactive weekly engagement to ensure your team’s questions are answered and they get all the support and guidance they need. In addition, we also provide the following touch points:

  • Quarterly business reviews to help you keep your software R&D efforts aligned with your business strategy, and ensure that your team is consistently delivering business value.
  • Monthly executive calls to empower your entire leadership team with roadmap alignment and prioritization, ensuring business goals are on track.
  • Bi-weekly sync-ups with project managers to help keep projects on time and in budget.
  • Weekly sync-ups with your engineering team to answer any technical and agile process questions to ensure maximum productivity.
Is Startup Launchpad a product or a service?

Actually, both are true. We offer Startup Launchpad clients an initial MVP product output based on clearly defined price, scope, and quality. As part of the Launchpad offering, there is a large service component, and you will have ready access to the deep expertise of technology leaders, experienced architects, and heavy-lift engineers. In other words, it’s a product and a service.

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