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We deliver outstanding mobile and web experiences that reduce time-to-market and future-proof your business.

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We create scalable, high-performance mobile apps for iOS, Android and web using the latest techniques and tools.

Our developers don’t work in isolated silos, they collaborate with our product designers and business strategists to breathe intelligence into every product.

We’re driven by the need to craft structurally-solid architectural foundation—while seamlessly connecting your audience to your brand.

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Here is what we can do for you

Product Ideation

Co-innovate your product idea to align with your business goals.

Together we brainstorm, research, develop a product vision in an immersive session to construct the user journey and craft the user stories.

POCs & Prototyping

Design a view to easily see and feel your idea before its built.

We always start with a user-centered design approach. Identify who your users are and what they need from your product. Context and visual design will play a huge role.

Software Development

Our software development process allows you to rapidly launch your product and prove your product’s main assumptions to you and fast-track your business growth.

BeyondGravity's full cycle software development process

We take products from an idea to a launched and fully supported solution.

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Together we validate, brainstorm, research & develop a product vision in immersive sessions to craft a product perfectly fit to the market.

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Design & Prototyping

Start with a customer-centered design approach. Identify who your customers are and what they need from your product. Context and visual design will play a huge role.

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Iterative software development processes allow you to prove your product’s main assumptions and fast-track your business growth.

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Testing & QA

Testing the application from its beginning will ensure that the resulting product meets the highest quality standards.

Deployment & Maintenance

Deploy MVPs early to gain useful customer feedback, and use that to further enhance and refine your product.


Machine learning is leveraged when it is beneficial, not just because it is trendy.


Products responsively designed for your audience, as measured (not assumed).

Data-driven decision making

Near-real-time metrics give you visibility into your business operations.

Rapid agile methodology

Using iterative sprints, we continuously improve your product for a perfect market fit.


What makes us different

We build like owners. Every person on your team is hand-picked to deliver an impact to your business.

The tech stack behind competitive, cloud-native products

Scalable and Flexible Technologies


We treat your business as if it is our own.

What tech stack do you work with?

For our services we are tech-agnostic, and can adapt to whatever technologies you need covered.

Who owns the resulting software?

You own all the software that we create for you.

All of the people working on your project are fully aware of this and will not share any of your proprietary knowledge with anybody.

We also only do business in countries that value your privacy.

Who does the architecture? And the testing?

In addition to assigning architects to your project, we will implement processes to ensure that all of those architecture plans are personally reviewed by us. Our experience is specialized in building systems that stand the test of time and are flexible enough to meet your needs as your market changes.

When it comes to QA work we will have you covered there too. And don’t worry, there will be Sprint-demos for you to test out and see the progress.

I have a complex migration to accomplish, can you help with that?

We are specialists in digital transformations, burning-platform migrations, and integration migrations. We have done this well over 20 times in our careers, having come from backgrounds of companies that were involved in many acquisitions and full tech-stack migrations.

What happens when my project is done?

As all the software is owned by you, it will be delivered under your full control.

When we write software, we set up the processes to manage it as well. Should you decide to internalize the software and continue it on your own, you will find you are perfectly set up to continue development with the same velocity. Alternatively if you want to continue development with our near-shore team, we would be happy to help you maintain and expand it. In fact, due to the closeness of our customer partnerships, all of the companies we have worked with previously have kept strong ties to us for future work.

Furthermore, when we are working for you, we will ensure that you have administrative access to all important accounts. We work based on giving any employees, including contractors, only the minimum level of access required; they may be allowed to drive the car, but you have the keys and own the car.

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